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Ad server and manager

AdPlugg is a cloud-based ad manager and ad server solution that allows users to manage, track, rotate and schedule all the ads on their blog. It is an advertising solution designed to enhance the works of online bloggers, publishers, and advertisers. One can serve from a couple of hundred to a couple of billion from any place without additional load on the servers.

It’s fast and easy to use. It can be added to any site source code using prepared code snippets, and a plugin is available for WordPress-based sites. It has both pro and free plans, and a wide variety of websites uses it. AdPlugg is also used by the small site of the main televisions and newspapers to serve, track and manage their online ads.

It allows users to create and manage a wide range of ad formats such as text ads, bar ads, flash ads, HTML5 ads, and video ads, enabling the user to be able to manage the ads on their blog after the installation, activation, and configuration of its plugin. Such features are the ability to have the capability to randomly select the preferred position in which the ad will be displayed, schedule the ads to run on specified dates, and group them into placements.

The launch events are supported by several formats that enable the launch of ads based on the user actions or timed events.

AdPlugg dashboard gives the users control over ad creation and modification, grouping, scheduling, placement, targeting, and insight ad into performance.

Users schedule ads to run for a period with defined start and end dates and create rule-based groups to manage their ads inventory and placement. Ad tags are added to site source code to create an ad zone where ad placements are targeted which can be done to different site pages. Charts and graphs give the user insight into ad performance. Users generate detailed reports for advertisers in PDF, CSV, or XLSX formats.

Ad rotator will randomly switch the display position of ads while the banner rotator changes the banner ad being displayed at a given spot.

Users can trace the number of views for each ad and the times each ad is clicked through graphs and charts displaying ad performance. Moreover, AdPlugg allows the users to trace the performance of their ads, providing analytic which show them impressions and click through the rates generated by the ads. One can view the reports and charts showing clickthrough rate, impressions, and clicks. These reports can optionally be sent to the advertisers.

With user-defined start and end dates, ads can be scheduled to display for specific periods. 

Ads can be added to the users’ sites, WordPress-based plugins, or prepared code snippets can be added directly into the source code of other sites. The code snippet is installed on any website.  The software offers an ad plugin that allows them to easily position the location of their ads on WordPress site, especially when the website is built in the WordPress

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