Best Team Management Software in 2022 – Ship Tasks On Time with Teamwork

Teamwork project task management

   Teamwork is one of the top-rated management software of 2022. Online software enables managers, staff, and clients to work together efficiently. Teamwork software was established in 2007. Its headquarters are located in Cork, Ireland. 

   The software has been engineered to help client service teams manage projects, from planning and resourcing clients’ work to execution and reporting. Since the platform is used to manage projects, it has add-ons that support customers’’ internal teams, clients, and their projects.

    A teamwork Desk has been designed to help teams deal with customer inquiries, including the most complex ones. The software has excellent features and an interface with unbeatable prices. Teamwork Desk allows tracking and managing customers’ requests, ensuring your rapport looks perfect for your previous customers.

    The CRM system allows you to integrate leads and opportunities into different channels. This gives you more visions and control over your projects, which means that you will be able to keep track of your potential leads without using multiple spreadsheets and e-mails. CRM system helps you become more vicious, hence getting more insights and ways to accelerate your sales, making sure there are no losses that are being made.   

   The Teamwork Spaces is an up-to-date, intuitive content collaboration workspace with great features and required reading and live widgets.

    Teamwork is an easy-to-use software that allows you to see what you are working on, who you are working with, and most importantly, gives an insight into what to work on next, regardless of how big your team is. Teamwork gives your team the freedom to work with liberty by reducing the level of difficulty in teamwork. Teamwork does not only make sure that your projects are done, but it ensures your team has delivered quality work with excellent results. Additionally, it enables users to keep track of their projects and make sure they are delivered on time.

     Teamwork advanced features such as Portfolio Management, Gantt charts, reporting dashboards, time tracking, among others, will help you and your team in delivering quality projects. Managing different complex projects has also been made easier with the help of features such as Board View, dashboards, and project health status updates, which help you, see the progress and what has not been done. 

   What makes Teamwork different from other software is the fact that it is easy to use, in addition to having enterprise-level features. Most of the project management soft wares are not affordable, and one may take time before navigating through them. 


Teamwork Pricing

  • Free Forever – For individuals and small teams are getting started with project management.
  • Deliver – Manage multiple projects and delight your clients.

                              A great place to start.

                             $10/ user / month 

                             Billed annually

                            $12.5, billed monthly

  • Grow – Ideal for larger teams with features to help get you efficient and organized.

                         $18/ user / month 

                         Billed annually

                         $22.5, billed monthly

  • Scale – Scale confidently by managing profitability, budgets, and resources.

                        Over 20,000 companies globally trust Teamwork in increasing productivity and project management.


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