Collaborative platform for teams

Miro collaboration for team

Miro enables distributed teams to work effectively, from brainstorming with digital sticky notes to managing and planning agile workflow.

More than thirteen million product owners and managers, agile coaches, UX/UI designers, and design thinkers worldwide use Miro to create the next big things.Ā 


Miro is perfect for the following;


Ideation and Brainstorming

Miro helps you to become creative and enhances the brainstorming process, especially from steaky notes to reactions. The unique techniques and frameworks ensure effective team or individual online brainstorming, enabling sharing ideas, discussion, and development within a group together online.

Remote collaboration, retrospectives, and whiteboarding ensure a great way to get everyone in location and share projects and designs seamlessly. Miro has everything that is required to connect remotely. Such include an online collaborative whiteboard, integration with the web apps, a vast library of templates, and it’s fast and secure.Ā 


Online workshops

It features an infinite whiteboard to run meetings and workshops without boundaries. Other features include freeform collaboration, sticky notes and offline stickies capture, attention management, among others.


Research and design

The templates encourage a team to adopt new business strategies through generative design thinking. These templates will empower things such as wireframes, customer journey maps, and collaborative design sprintsĀ 

Strategy and planning mapping and diagraming provide all the necessary tools for each stage of the mapping process. Miro will allow for the propelling of plans from strategy through the execution with the templates for session planning, prioritizing plans, and visual presentation. Strategy planning and ensures that most of the critical topics are covered and without anything being left out. Still, it ensures assigning different sections to different peoples is easy based on their role.


Agile workflow

The distributed teams visually organize all the information that is regarding a project at the actual time. An example of the data includes; visual templates, data, spreadsheets, charts, pictures, and tasks. It is designed for Agile teams as it allows customers and stakeholders to provide their feedback at the end of each sprint.

Miro enhances real-time collaboration for remote teams where users can communicate in real-time using powerful visual tools. They discuss ideas and projects in board chats, use voice and video calls, and leave tagged comments.

It is simple to use Miro as it is as simple as a whiteboard without a learning curve. Therefore, easy to start and integrate online whiteboards into existing workflows and onboard new members.

It ensures one place for all data; hence users work on the board with all the necessary tools such as texts, images, wireframes, post-it notes, documents, and videos.

Miro provides a big picture instead of emails and text chats allowing users to see a big picture of projects and zoom in when they want to discover details. It saves time to avoid routine emailing and pointless discussions.

It provides a simple way to organize creative workflow; hence it’s an essential tool for design thinking and innovative concepts. Miro collects all individuals and team ideas, uses post-it notes and wireframes, and discusses and shares with clients and team members.


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