CrankWheel | How CrankWheel powers up your telesales and cut the sales cycle

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to use all-in-one collaboration tools. Especially in sales. You are having a sales call. And you move the conversation onto a video call because you want to share visuals about your product. After ten minutes of audio and webcam problems, you are finally good to go. The moment has passed, you are no longer in the zone and the prospect’s attention span is all over the place.

To share your screen, it’s best to use a dedicated screen-sharing solution. CrankWheel is simple to set up as a browser extension and your viewer is never asked to register or set up the application. Your prospects open the sessions on their mobiles or desktops and see what you are sharing in seconds. The frictionless experience for your prospects means that it’s easier to establish trust and sharing visuals becomes an effortless part of your conversation.

CrankWheel has been a proven success with anyone selling products or services over the phone. Especially those who sell intangible products such as insurance, solar services, digital marketing services or mortgages. CrankWheel is ideal to run website damage reports in front of the prospect’s eyes, going through complicated insurance terms and comparing different cost-benefit analyses.

A powerful feature is the preview window inside the CrankWheel UI. As soon as a viewer is connected, you will get a preview of what the viewer is seeing from your screen share. If you are going through a presentation and the viewer has a bad connection, you will see when the viewer is on the same page as you. This means that you will never risk skipping ahead of the material that the viewer sees. The preview window also shows you which parts of your material the viewer zooms into and where the viewer’s mouse is moving. If the viewer goes into another browser tab or into another app, you will be notified that their window is hidden.

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One of the additional features of CrankWheel is the call-to-action widget called Instant Demos. Once the widget is in place, a click to Instant Demos enabled buttons opens a one-step-at-a-time form. Once the prospect has entered a phone number, your team gets an alert in the CrankWheel UI and they can call them while they are still viewing the material that instigated the inquiry. You can also trigger an Instant Demos alert from clicks on your Social Media buttons.


  • Share the entire screen or limit the sharing to specific are, one browser tab at a time or a program window
  • Monitor viewer’s engagement
  • Stream HQ videos with sound
  • Post-session redirect to your landing page
  • CTA widget for your page or Social Media that delivers warm leads instantly to your team

You can use CrankWheel for free for up to 15 screen-sharing sessions per month with all major features unlocked. Commercial plans start at $89 a month.


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