SaneBox | Email Box Management With AI That Works For You

Running a business requires supportive tools to help you manage all your customer connection points. Moreso, you need the right platforms to help maintain optimal performance within your work processes and with your employees. One area of business that needs expert assistance more than others is email. 

With no shortage of email management systems available on the market, you may find yourself unsure of what exactly you need and what to invest in. 


We take a look at SaneBox ‒ one of the email AI (Artificial Intelligence) leaders at the moment ‒ to help you make an informed decision. 


What Is SaneBox? 

Besides the quirky name, SaneBox sets out to do exactly what it says: keeping you sane while managing your emails. It is based on a combination of AI technology and carefully crafted algorithms. It filters your emails depending on your customisation, follows your set preferences and ensures you have a more sustainable and productive way of working through your emails. 


What Can SaneBox Do For You? 

Hearing phrases such as “email AI” can leave you feeling confused and uncertain about how the technology works. Filtering business accounts can be difficult. As a company owner, you would hate to miss a customer query because it can have a detrimental effect on your business. 


This raises the question: what can SaneBox actually do for you? You can integrate SaneBox throughout your devices without any security concerns. The AI tool only filters by header, meaning email content is never read or accessed. 


Additionally, it makes for easier processing and response times with its functionality. You can snooze emails, unsubscribe with one click, go into do-not-disturb mode and track auto-replies. 


How Can You Benefit? 

In the business world, time can determine how successful your operation is. It’s often more important than cost savings because once you implement an effective schedule and allocate time productively, you have more time to focus on other aspects of your operations. On average, most SaneBox users can save up to 4 hours of valuable time a week by utilising the application, freeing up time for other routine tasks and helping improve your workflows and processes. 


Lastly, utilising tools such as SaneBox ensures you have the ideal support for future growth. SaaS Pump provides solutions that work, easily integrate into your current setup and can be used in conjunction with Office 365. We have a proven track record of high margins (30% – 45%) and can boast a 43% trial conversion rate.


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