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Link building is a terrific method of building PageRank, Domain Authority, as well as even genuine industry authority– as your visitors will have their guard down as well as transform far better if your site is advised by a trusted brand.

With that said being claimed, one gold concern remains:

Exactly how do you recognize opportunities for top-quality link building?

The Good News Is, Raven Tools is prepared to assist you to conduct a backlink evaluation as well as figure out.

What Does a Backlink Evaluation Require?

The primary step to link building is carrying out a correct backlink analysis. This helps you find out what your opportunities are so you know what following actions to take.

1. Your Backlink Profile

Initially, you want to take a look at your own standing. You’ll frequently hear this referred to as a “backlink account”, yet the secret here is to simply recognize what to look for so you can determine locations of opportunity.

By comprehending exactly how Google and also other search engines are watching you, you’ll be well equipped to know what you require to do.

Particularly, the metrics to keep an eye out for are:

  • The number of links linking back to your website or a certain page of your site.
  • The number of one-of-a-kind domains that are linking back to your website.
  • Contrast of linking domains vs. total links linking back to you.
  • Support message use: Are your backlinks using keyword phrases or are they branded to assist amplify the quality of the link?
  • The Fresh/Incoming links statistics assists you see the trend of links heading back to your website. This is a great way to assess total efficiency as well as catch low-grade links as they can be found so you can nip them.
  • Page Performance assists you recognize your best-performing web pages– and when you’re doing competitive evaluation, it also assists you recognize your competitor’s best-performing pages.
  • Link high quality will help you figure out the top quality of the links heading back to your website. Bear in mind, not all links are produced equivalent, so you’ll want to watch on this metric and also set some requirements for yourself to aid you climb up the positions.

2. Analyzing the Competition’s Back links

When you catch a peek at your own backlink account to see where you stand as well as what your possibilities are, the next thing you’ll wish to do is take a look at your competitors.

Not only will you wish to see how many links they have, however what those websites are, the authority of each, which pages are being linked to, and also what support message is being made use of. This information will certainly assist you in discovering new backlink opportunities.

3. Locating Backlink Opportunities

The last element of backlink evaluation is producing a checklist of chances. This mostly includes taking a look at your competitors’ backlink accounts and seeing what linking websites could be beneficial to your very own.

Some variables to consider when it concerns backlink top quality include:

  • Trust of linking sites
  • Authority of linking websites
  • Page section where link appears
  • Variety of website kinds
  • All-natural diversity of support text
  • Amount of backlinks (not as crucial).

The most effective possibilities are websites that relate to your own material, have high authority, as well as are accessible for outreach (via material marketing, guest posting, and so on). They ought to be websites that are likely to link to your website if provided the best motivation. They should also be highly regarded as reputable, high-grade websites by Google.

How to Use Raven Tools to Analyze Back Links.

Since we’ve obtained the basic backlink analysis concept down, allow’s delve into how precisely to achieve this with the Backlink Explorer by Raven Tools.

  1. Log Into Raven Tools as well as open “Backlink Explorer”.

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When you log right into your Raven Tools account, float over the left side food selection to open it. From there, click “Link Building” to open up the drop-down menu and pick “Backlink Explorer”.

  1. Input your Domain/URL.

As soon as you remain in the Backlink Explorer, input your domain name and also click the outcomes to see a listing of your very own backlinks.

This report reveals you how many backlinks you need to your website, what web pages they’re from, where they’re linking to, the anchor message utilized, as well as the citation circulation of each resource.

The screenshot listed below shows you some instance results for The example below groups with each other backlinks from the exact same domain to give a cleaner way to watch a backlink profile. From left to right the backlink analysis offers you with source link, target link, citation circulation, day, support text, No-Follow, or Picture link.

The setup gear permits you to check the backlink via research central to get much deeper Moz and Majestic domain metrics or to position a link into the link building CRM, which is handy if you’re running a link building campaign.


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  1. Discussing the Results.

The source URL is the URL that is linking to your website. The target link is the web page on your site that is being linked to.

The citation circulation is a rating in between 0-100 predicting the impact of the source link based on the amount of sites link to it. The greater the number, the much better high quality you can presume the link is. Keep In Mind just how Internet Search Engine Watch has a high citation flow rating. This is a high authority site.

You can likewise group the domains, which allows you to see the number of backlinks you need to see from a single domain name. This maintains points easy and also makes your control panel extra arranged. You’ll likewise be able to see if you have a diverse backlink account (suggested), or if the majority of your links are from just a couple of domain names.

  1. Arrange and also “Clean Up” Your Backlink Account.

Once you have seen the backlink account of your very own website, you might have seen some metrics that you boast of, as well as others that could utilize some job.

If you have a diverse profile of high authority linking domains, this is wonderful. If, nevertheless, you have a sparse backlink account, only have links from a single domain, or don’t have numerous links pointing to various other web pages on your website (besides the homepage, for instance), after that it is time to consider working with your backlink method.

Some points to think about are:

  • Obtaining more domains linking back to your site.
  • Enhancing your general variety of backlinks.
  • Disavowing or eliminating low-quality links.
  • Enhancing the top quality of backlinks to your website by acquiring them from greater authority pages/domains.
  • Repairing damaged links.
  • Doing a competitor backlink evaluation.

If your very own backlink account reveals areas for improvement, the next action is to seek backlink opportunities via an analysis of your keywords rivals.

  1. Find Keyword Rivals

To discover your key phrase competitors and also do an evaluation of their backlinks, head back over to the left-hand food selection and open the “Link Spy” tool, located under the Link Building drop-down menu.

Once you’re in Link Spy, input one of your emphasis keyword phrases and see which sites are ranking for it.

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Now, you might be thinking, “I can do that by plugging the search phrase into Google”, but seeing who your competitors are isn’t all. You’ll get a complete log of who your greatest rivals are, plus who’s linking to them and also from what web pages.

From here you can evaluate what links you wish to get as well as add them to your Link Manager (See Step 6).

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  1. Find New Backlink Opportunities with Link Spy

Link Spy by Raven Tools allows you to see which websites are ranking for your focus keywords and creates a checklist of results for what domain names are linking to those sites and how.

As Soon As Raven Tools has generated your results, you will be able to see information on where their links are coming from as well as what sorts of web pages are being linked to. You will certainly see citation flow and also this will show which websites may deserve contributing to your checklist of prospective backlink possibilities.

To establish whether one of the rivals’ backlinks could be an excellent opportunity for your own website, you will certainly intend to think about:

  • Whether the linking domain and/or web page relate to your website as well as content.
  • The citation circulation and also general authority of the domain and/or web page.
  • How much web traffic the domain name obtains as well as how much website traffic could be guided to your site.
  • Whether you have existing content on your website that would tempt this domain to link to you.
  • What your strategy might be for outreach or attracting the domain name to link to your web content.
  1. Find New Backlink Opportunities with Backlink Explorer

Just as you made use of the Backlink Explorer to watch your very own backlink profile, you can input your competitors’ domains directly to discover prospective backlink possibilities.

If a domain appears to be a great fit for your backlink strategy, you can include it to your Link Supervisor in Raven Tools to refer back to and also measure your progress.

  1. Add Backlink Opportunities to Your Link Supervisor

Click the right-hand side to add the link to your Link Manager. In this dashboard, you have the ability to track your development with each link you intend to obtain or are proactively working to acquire.

With each link, you can note the Standing, Kind, Kind, Proprietor (if there are multiple people on your team), as well as much more. Then, as you get the links, you can experience and update the Standing so you can monitor your development.

Link Manager gets rid of the demand for an external spreadsheet while doing SEO backlink analysis as well as research. Currently, you can research and track your backlink initiatives in one area with Raven Tools.


Each time you intend to do backlink analysis, you can log right into Raven Tools and also refer to the Backlink Explorer, Link Spy, or your Link Manager.

You can locate brand-new backlink possibilities and also track the development of your link-building efforts. Raven Tools makes it straightforward to handle every one of your link-building activities in one location to ensure that you never ever miss out on a chance or fly blind when it involves upping your SEO technique.


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