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Are you looking for the best way to boost your social media marketing, especially Facebook advertising? Madgicx offers the best solution for your business. The system is designed to help businesses enhance their performance by automating the media-buying process. 

So, what is Madgicx?

This is a cloud-based solution designed for Facebook marketers and businesses to maximize their social media marketing strategies. The platform allows sellers to monitor their Facebook advertising, boosting efficiency and sales. This all-backed platform is one of the most affordable social media marketing solutions that has proven essential for any business ready to take advantage of the ever-growing Facebook audience. Though Madgicx is a premium cloud-based solution, the platform guarantees value for money by helping your business enhance online campaigns and conversations. 

What does Madgicx tool offer to users? 

Madgicx is a powerful advertising tool with exciting features ideal for changing your business’s digital marketing for the better. Some of the features you will find on this fantastic marketing tool include;

  1.   Al Audiences 

Madgicx comes with a full-funnel audience targeting strategy that allows you to reach out to the right Facebook users using the inbuilt AI technology. This makes it easy for your business to reach out to a social media audience looking for your services or products. It eliminates blind marketing, where you place an ad hoping it will reach out to your target customers. 

  1.   Ad Launcher 

This feature allows you to customize your ad for your audience and continually tests new combinations to make the ad more appealing and attractive. Say goodbye to boring ads that the audience always skips. With Madgicx, you change all that for better, exciting, and appealing Facebook ads ideal for boosting conversions. 

  1.   Automation Tactics

This feature is designed to help you optimize your Facebook ads with an easy-to-use automation method. Just a few clicks and you’re good to go. 

  1.   Creative insights 

One of the best ways to tell if your social media marketing is effective is through insightful data that helps you make informed and data-driven marketing decisions in the future. Madgicx provides you with Facebook ad performance insights that are easy to understand, helping you make the right decisions. 

  1.   Ad Care

This feature allows you to control the conversation in the comment section once you post your Facebook ad. Some users tend to make irrelevant comments that don’t add value or spearhead conversations about your service or product. However, you can always manage the conversation with the Ad Care feature and eliminate jokers or haters. 

Other key features you will find on this fantastic advertising cloud-based platform include bidding optimization, audience clarification,  Daily/ Weekly Reporting, smart filters, and much more. Despite all these exciting features, Madgicx rates are pretty affordable, starting from $49 per month. Besides, the platform gives all first-time users a free 7-days trial to try out the service then subscribe if impressed.

 Our job is to help your business get the best Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to boost sales and profits. 


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