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Online payment platform

Running a small business can be so satisfying. But paying all your vendors and monthly utility bills is one of those tasks that feels annoying at best and overwhelming at worst.

Melio is here to take that load off your shoulders. This easy-to-use payment platform helps you take care of all your business bills in the same place. It’s all online, so you can make and track payments on your computer or on the go from your phone. Best of all? It’s free.


Payment flexibility all around

Melio gives you and whoever you’re paying for choices. You choose how you want to pay – by ACH bank transfer, debit, or credit card. Then your vendors/billers choose how they want to receive payment – by ACH bank transfer or paper check. Everyone pays and gets paid the way they want. And you never have to write a check by hand again!

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Improve your cash flow

With Melio, you can use your credit card to pay bills and vendors – even if they don’t usually accept credit cards*. This gives you power over how the money flows in and out of your business. Paying with a card allows you to settle the bill now and defer the payment until your next billing cycle. Plus, you get to rack up more points, rewards, and cashback!

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One place to keep track

Manage every bill and payment on your dashboard. Schedule them in advance and see when they’re delivered. And to streamline your payment process, even more, you can sync with QuickBooks (or your preferred accounting software) so you never have to do double work. Your books stay automatically in check and you see an overview of all the payments you’ve ever made – in the same place.

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Running a business is enough work without spending hours on accounts payable, writing out checks, and balancing your books. Start saving time and money by using Melio today.


Click here to start using Melio now for free.


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