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Over 2,500,000 business analysts, product managers, executives, product owners, system architects, UI & UX leads, students and professors chose Moqups. 


Because of its simple and intuitive interface. Moqups allows you to collaborate in real time on wireframes, mockups, diagrams, prototypes, graphs, and more.

Here’s a quick video tour that will guide you through some of the features our visual collaboration tool has to offer:

What is the app’s purpose?

Moqups was created so that you could design beautiful web pages and mobile apps, create interactive wireframes, build clear diagrams and flowcharts, and collaborate in real time with your whole team.

As an all-in-one tool that combines wireframing, diagramming, prototyping, and whiteboarding, Moqups has all the features you need to turn your ideas into beautiful, interactive projects.

Create wireframes quickly

Wireframes act as a base on which the final product is built. When designing a website, a mobile app, or anything else, wireframing helps with visualizing key elements, and setting a solid foundation for your project.

Our Wireframing Tool has all the features you need to take your ideas from concept to creation. Here’s how to kickstart your project with Moqups, step-by-step:

  1. Pick one of our pre-made templates (or start your project with a blank page)
  2. Drag and drop the right stencils and icons from our library, and adjust them to your needs
  3. Upload your own images to create a more high fidelity wireframe
  4. Write your copy and personalize it easily from the format panel
  5. Quickly style and customize all the elements of your project
  6. Export and share with your teammates, your clients, or your boss!

And since Moqups is an all-in-one tool, you can go through all the steps of your design in the same project:

  • Create your web pages and mobile apps from scratch
  • Go from lo-fi to hi-fi wireframes, quickly and seamlessly
  • Add tables, graphs, and charts to your projects to keep your data organized
  • Get feedback from your teammates, right on your project

Create your wireframe with Moqups now

Build beautiful diagrams

A diagram or flowchart will help you visualize processes, manage your business, and keep everything organized. By creating a flowchart you’ll get to see your process from a different perspective, making it easier to identify essential steps and important data.

With the Moqups Flowchart Maker you can quickly create diagrams and flowcharts: 

  • Choose the right shapes for your diagrams from our extensive list of symbols for UML, Use Case, ERD Model, and Process Flow diagrams
  • Drag and drop to add all the elements you need right into the project
  • Connect shapes with our smart connectors
  • Expand your flow with our easy-to-use diagram extenders
  • Seamlessly modify and update your flowcharts with the swap feature

We offer a full range of templates, from Data Flow Diagrams, Process Maps, Org Charts, and Network Designs, to Timelines, Strategic Plans, User Journey Maps, BPMNs, and Class Diagrams, Use Case Diagrams, and many more.

Collaborate with your entire team

Online collaboration is now more important than ever, with classes, conferences, and meetings being held from home. An online whiteboard is a useful tool that helps keep everyone on the same page, even when working from different corners of the world.

Collaborate in real time with your team thanks to the Online Whiteboard and get to:

  • Use our live chat to discuss the next steps of your project
  • Add annotations, sticky notes and comments to your pages
  • Present by screen sharing on video conferencing
  • Use our pencil tool to draw freely on a page and highlight important features

Want to discover more features and benefits Moqups has to offer? Create an account now! It’s totally free.

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