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Rewind Backups protects your store and gives you peace of mind with automatic daily backups. Once installed, it saves every change in real-time, ensuring merchants always have the critical data their business runs on. With Rewind Backups, you can trust that your store won’t be affected by lost data or human mistakes. Fearlessly experiment with new products and strategies without worrying about setbacks. Rewind maintains an easy-to-access, daily backup of the information driving your business. With an intuitive interface and simple setup, Rewind Backups requires no technical training or IT resources, allowing your team to focus on what they do best: delighting your customers.


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Easily restore data. Rewind Backups adds an “undo” button to an online store so merchants can instantly reverse any unwanted changes or mistakes. To restore data, simply navigate to the Rewind Vault, select the date when everything worked perfectly, and hit “restore”. Your store’s data will be automatically pushed back into your e-commerce platform. Rewind Backups acts as an “undo” button, protecting sales and keeping teams focused on growing the bottom line. After all, there’s no undo button for lost sales.

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Get your free trial with Rewind Backups for Shopify here

Automatic backups. Rewind Backups runs a complete, automatic daily backup of the data that powers e-commerce sites.  In the case of a major data disaster, Rewind can restore all your products, images, customer information, and more. Store data is vulnerable to buggy apps, malicious actors, and human error – and your e-commerce platform cannot restore your individual store data. With Rewind, merchants can fearlessly experiment with new products and strategies, since no mistake is unfixable.

Keep a record of every change. Rewind Backups can restore any lost information in a fraction of the time it would take manually. Since backup snapshots are taken daily and stored in the Rewind Vault, merchants can easily restore their site to the most recent working version to maintain their competitive advantage and avoid lost sales.


Rewind Backups pricing plans start at $3/month. As you grow your shop, you can upgrade based on the orders you’ve got. Check out the pricing plan below and see what is fit for your business.


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