The Ultimate Guide to Scraping a Website without Code

Web scraping

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is the procedure of extracting data from websites, normally using automation tools.


Web scraping includes adhering actions:

  1. Download and install web page content (bring).
  2. Extract particular information fields (parsing).
  3. Format the information.
  4. Conserve formatted data right into a data source or a spreadsheet.


The fundamentals remain the exact same regardless of whether you make use of no-code scrapers or code one from square one.

Until recently, people utilized the programs languages such as Python to extract information from the internet. Yet with the appearance of no-code aesthetic scuffing devices, it’s less complicated than ever to obtain structured data drawn out from the web.

Building a scraper design is the most fundamental part of any kind of scraper. A scraper model is a “map” that notifies your scraper exactly how to find preferred information fields inside the HTML of an internet site utilizing their markup.

No-code scraper tools permit users to click site elements to specify the information field they want to scuff. The entire information markup dance happens behind the scenes.


How to scrape information from a website without code

The simplest way to essence data from the web is with no-code scrape tools.


The very best means to learn something is to do it! Try out Bardeen (or the alternatives) to scrape any type of website free of cost without code.


  1. Download the extension

  2. Define a scraper design or utilize a pre-built one.

          You can use Bardeen’s pre-built scrape designs or create your own.

          To develop a personalized scrape version, browse to the page that you wish to draw out data from.

          You can then click on an element that you intend to capture and also give it a name.

How to scrape data

Bardeen enables you to scuff 3 sorts of components: text, web links, or pictures.

  1. Save the extracted website information to web apps or Excel.


Lastly, it’s time to conserve the extracted data! Otherwise, scratching will be … useless.

You can save data as Microsoft Excel documents or directly to internet apps such as Google Sheets, Airtable, or Notion.

To save information as data, click on the Download and install button.

To save data to an internet app, add an activity to your playbook.

See the detailed tutorial to produce scrape models as well as automate everyday workflows with the Bardeen scraper

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