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The benefits of working from home are obvious: the freedom and flexibility to create our own schedule, to create a balance between our work and life, to save time and money commuting. It’s what we want for everyone. This is why Time Doctor created time tracking software. It proves how much time we’re spending at work, while at home. It proves our effort while easing our manager’s mind. And it makes the importance of a central office an afterthought. Everyone is different and works in their own way. When, where, and how you do your best work is unique. The important thing is that the work gets done. And that you can prove it. By tracking your time, you give managers a greater understanding of what works best for you, while getting credit for the effort you’re putting in. Your time tells your story, tracking it tells it loudly.

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  • Stop Having to Manually Log Your Hours, simply open and close your computer or press play or pause to track your time;
  • Stop Getting Passed up for Promotions – Leadership can see exactly how hard you’re working by the numbers, so there’s no room for politics, bias, or special treatment.
  • Stop Burning Out Because It’s Hard to Separate Home and Work – When you know you put in the time and there is an actual button to click “pause” when you’re “pausing” from working and just living life, it makes it a lot easier to separate the two.
  • Stop the Need to Go Back to the Office – We all know what HR is thinking – we’d love to have everyone work remotely, “but what if people don’t actually work?” – this solves for that completely. It gives you the flexibility to work wherever you want and whenever you want and gives the company peace of mind.
  • Stop Having to Worry about Privacy – With Time Doctor, we make it clear what is and isn’t tracked. When you click play – it sees what is up on your screen(s). When you click pause, it sees nothing. We also make it easy to customize Time Doctor to your liking – this includes removing the option for Time Doctor to collect screenshots, changing the screenshots to being blurred, and of course, always letting you edit your time manually.
  • Stop Being Bad at Time Management and Prioritization – Instead of your boss telling you that you have not been spending your time on the right things or going into the weekend kicking yourself for getting distracted, simply click “play” on any of the projects you have set up so you can keep track of yourself.

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How does Time Doctor cultivate workplace accountability?


Leaders need to see how their teams are spending their workday and employees want to prove they can be trusted to meet expectations.


 All workday activities are tracked giving clear and actionable data to measure performance. Recognition and reward are vital to high morale and engagement. 


Sharing what activities are monitored and what data is collected leads to openness, collaboration, and better communication


Empower employees through autonomy. Provide them with the data and tools they need to self-assess and self-correct.

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