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Advertising on eCommerce marketplaces is critical for sellers and brands that are looking to scale their revenue growth. Gaining a competitive edge on global platforms requires businesses to understand purchase behaviour and effectively manage advertising campaigns across different stages of the shoppers’ journey.  

In 2021 alone, Amazon’s advertising revenue catapulted to $31 billion, making it the third-largest digital advertising globally. Other marketplaces are reporting similar trends with Walmart’s digital ad revenue expected to rise to $4 billion by 2025. Prompted by a shift in consumer preferences due to the pandemic, analysts predict that global eCommerce sales will hit $6.17 by next year


Introducing Trellis – Demand Generation for eCommerce

With the surge in competition, brands need an intelligent solution to not only compete but thrive. Trellis provides them with a cross-channel eCommerce demand generation platform that leverages rich shopper data to achieve revenue growth on global marketplaces

Trellis offers an all-inclusive and intelligent eCommerce advertising management solution that continuously learns from historical performance data to deliver the most relevant, best-converting campaigns. The Trellis solution helps brands boost business efficiency, optimize bids, and grow their product sales with a fully automated demand generation platform that delivers integrated campaign management from keyword harvesting to smart budgeting on major platforms including Amazon, Walmart, and Google Shopping.


Helping Brands Compete and Scale

Effectively managing advertising campaigns, especially for a large product catalogue, is a multifaceted and time-consuming task that requires frequent adjustments. Trellis’ AI-driven solution is designed to deploy advertising dollars in the most efficient way possible on competitive marketplaces such as Amazon

Since the inception of the platform, Trellis has optimized campaigns over 200,000 products through intelligent advertising automation and exclusive features such as full-funnel targeting, in-built video creatives, and composite media plans. 

With the cut-throat competition in the eCommerce space, any brand that sells on global eCommerce markets like Amazon,, and Google Shopping needs to have an integrated and automated approach to advertising and product placement on those platforms. Trellis offers a one-stop shop for retail brands that levels the playing field and accelerates their sales.


The Results

As a cross-channel demand generation platform to accelerate e-commerce growth, Trellis has a deep understanding of omnichannel shopper behaviour and unique insights into rich shopper data

By trusting Trellis’ technology and expertise in the retail eCommerce space, Leading brands on competitive marketplaces such as Amazon have witnessed a 3x increase in sales while maximizing profitable growth. On average, brands that automated their advertising campaigns with Trellis were able to achieve:

  • 40% increase in catalogue engagement
  • 60% growth in productive targets
  • 21% improvement in budget utilization
  • 30% reduction in effort

At Trellis, we are dedicated to dramatically simplifying advertising and creating valuable experiences for our clients. Our full-funnel targeting technology is based on the best-in-class AI automation and insights that drive superior business results for the brands we serve. 

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