Trello- More Than a Data Dump

 Trello is one of the most interactive tools out there for people that are working. They can all join the same board. The manager will make categories, and then the employees can post in the sections.

      This type of workflow system is way better than sticky notes in the office or e-mails that just get shuffled in the clutter. Trello offers a backed-up system so that the data does not get lost. The teammates can even put on fun stickers like a Husky. There are also more than 800 emojis. This system is good for not just employees but also anyone who wants to see their thoughts out there on a digital board.

      Trello has a connection that is as secure as a bank connection. This means that workplaces can be assured that their data is secure. One simply has to log on and they are at the team’s Trello board. Also, Trello has more than a hundred integrations with programs like Slack, Jira, and Google Drives.

       The boards on Trello can be public or private. You can easily invite other members to a board by providing them with a link. If you care about a beautiful workspace, you can even change the background of the board. You can change it to a solid color or also, you can switch it to a photo. It’s also simple to export the board and print it. This way a person can have a paper copy of what one is doing. 

       There are all sorts of templates for a Trello board. For instance, there is a one on one meeting agenda. There is also a company overview board. There are eleven of the top templates that are listed, however, you have access to hundreds of templates when you use Trello. This can help with the ease of gearing your Trello board to what you want. For instance, you may want a teaching board, in which case you simply use the teaching template.

       In an age where there are so many other communication tools on the computer like Slack, Trello offers a fresh idea. People can upload documents from their computers under any of the board titles. Also, Trello has an app for phones so when one is out on the go, one can look at what needs to be done and what is getting done.

       In a time when work can be overwhelming due to all the moving parts, Trello makes it simpler to look back and get it all done. A user can easily see what the other members have been up to as well. There is a way to move the notes from one section to the other as well so that people know that something is out of one phase of production.

       Trello has a lot to offer even in a world that is inundated with technology and digital programs. It is a unique take on sticky notes in a spreadsheet that can be moved easily from one compartment to the other.


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