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There are a lot of fantastic companies out there that are innovating in bold and beautiful new ways. Too many to even count, to be honest. So for those that make their careers ensure that their businesses stay ahead of those technological and innovation curves, it can be an arduous task to shift through the millions of data points on startups, scale-ups, market trends, and competitors. 

This is where Valuer fits into the equation. They have developed a platform that uses an AI trained on natural language programming to empower businesses to quickly and easily sift through hundreds of thousands of listed startups and scale-ups. They combine AI powerhouse platform with the talented minds of our in-house analysts to provide customers with a myriad of finding and acting on data for their innovation initiatives. 

We like to say that Valuer is where artificial intelligence meets human intuition. Their AI can help customers shift and organize the raw data, and our analysts help to dive deep and provide some extra context. 

But what is the process? Where does one start if they want to begin using Valuer services for their innovation initiatives? The answer to that is dependent on their specific needs, so let’s break it down. 


Starting with Search 

It could be that a company has no idea where to begin in finding potential partnerships, accelerators, or M&A candidates. There can be any number of reasons for this: Maybe the market is saturated, or they need to branch out into unfamiliar industries. Regardless of the reason, this is where the Valuer Platform provides a good starting point. 

A customer can begin a search in a familiar, Google-like way. They can search by technology or industry or even enter a look-alike company. The AI that drives our Platform will then take that information and parse through hundreds of thousands of companies all around the globe and provide a list of the most relevant based on the search query. 

From this, a Valuer member can then choose to enrich the profile of specific companies—a process that our analysts facilitate—or they can create radars to track and monitor companies they find interesting.

Starting with the Big Ideas 

If it is more grand market trends and big ideas that you are interested in keeping track of, Valuer other starting point for using data to drive innovation is through their Bespoke Reports. This leverages the expertise of their in-house analysts to dive deep into the companies, trends, or technologies they need for their initiatives. Valuer researchers use data taken from their Platform, but it is then given shape and context by the brilliant minds of their researchers and writers. 

Upon completion and delivery of these bespoke reports, specific companies found and used in the data are then added to a custom Radar within the Valuer Platform—which customers can then access to track and monitor for future initiatives. 

In the end, Valuer company’s goal is customer success. Valuer provides the human and digital brains to help get them there faster.

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