Four Best Landing Pages for Your Next Lead Generation Funnel

Would you choose a stunning Landing Page or one that your clients love?

From a business standpoint. You should not choose any of the two.

Your response should always be, I want a Landing Page that converts well.

 There are important aspects of lead generation that are often overlooked when it comes to the design of a landing page. 

By understanding some key principles about what makes a landing page effective, you can create a design that is more likely to convert visitors into leads. 

Choosing the Best Landing Page is very important to your company’s long-term success. From selling online products to brand development, the best Landing Page can help you achieve your objectives. 

In this post, I’ve ranked and reviewed the four best landing pages to assist you to decide which one to use.


What’s a Landing Page

A landing page is any web page that a customer can land on, but in the marketing world, it’s usually a standalone page that serves a single and focused goal, separate from your homepage or any other page.

A landing page serves as a follow-up to any promises made in your content. It’s the next stage in the process of a visitor becoming a customer.

In exchange for supplying contact information, your landing page allows you to make a trade, a special offer, a piece of information, or a bargain.


What is the Best Landing Page For Generating Leads

In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for creating effective landing pages that will help you generate more leads. We will also provide examples of high-converting landing pages that

When picking the best Landing Page you have to consider the features, pricing, the pros and cons, and more. is an all-in-one solution for everything you need to run a successful online business. It’s a complete marketing platform developed by Aurelien Amacker, a tech expert who began his career as a consultant and went on to establish a highly successful online coaching firm.

He became upset with having to deal with dozens of various programs while working on his clients’ blogs, so he decided to build his own platform that would handle all of the other operations without having to go from one tool to the next. has evolved to become a major hit with thousands of consumers in different nations across the world since its launch in France in 2010.

Key Features:

With, you have access to all the tools you need under the same roof.

They Are:

  • Sales Funnels: Create funnels easily based on proven templates
  • Email Marketing: For sending unlimited emails and for creating email campaigns
  • Website Builder: Helps you to easily set up your website in under 10 minutes
  • Affiliate Program Management: Create an affiliate program, automate affiliate payouts
  • Business Automation: This Save time and energy by automating your business
  • Evergreen Webinars: Run evergreen webinars to grow your audience and make sales
  • Online Courses: Build your online course, manage your students
  • Blogging: Create high-converting content and get more traffic
  • Sell Products: Become a drop shipper or sell your own products

Pricing offers the following pricing plans (on a monthly basis):


Free: $0

Startup: $27

Webinar: $47

Unlimited: $97

Pros and Cons


  • All their important marketing tools are in one place.
  • Worth the investment compared to the competition.
  • They have great customer service and support.
  • Their community is very active and ready to help out.
  • They are constantly improving the platform.
  • No major technical issues, everything just works fine.
  • Designs are streamlined and minimal.
  • Have a built-in analytics and affiliate program


  • Has no Integration. Since they don’t have a demo library, it can be very difficult for customer service to attend to you, according to the news.
  • It has no mobile app for the membership site.
  • Need some improvements in their user experience
  • Any tracking code goes into one bracket, which is confusing and challenging for all produced sales funnels.


2. Simvoly

The White Label program allows Digital Agencies, SaaS, Enterprises, and Marketers to have their own unique and branded version of the platform, fully automated (SaaS in a box).

Key Features

Simvoly which is beginner friendly comes with amazing features

1. Page Builder

The Page Builder is packed with these tools:

  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • 30+ Widget Elements
  • 200+ Block Templates
  • 200+ Page templates
  • Global Styling
  • 900+ Fonts
  • Pop-up Builder
  • Header Builder
  • Shape Dividers
  • Animations and Delays
  • SEO Perfect
  • Page Speed 

2. Sales & E-Commerce

The Sales & E-Commerce Feature allows:

  • Selling any type of Product
  • Custom Checkout
  • Sales Funnel
  • One-Click Upsells and Downsells
  • Bump Offers
  • Product Validation
  • Discount Codes
  • Customer Profiles
  • Recurring Payments
  • Taxes
  • Shipping Rules
  • Payment Processors

3. Funnel Builder

Under the Funner Builder Feature comes wonderful in-built features such as:

  • A/B Testing
  • Funnel Analytics
  • Websites and Funnels
  • 100+ Funnel Templates
  • Funnel Sharing
  • Domain Connection
  • Custom Code
  • Admins

4. Email Marketing & Automations

With the Email Marketing & Automation feature we can:

  • Blast Emails
  • Perform A/B Testing
  • Create Lists
  • Great Smart Segments
  • Import Subscribers
  • Perform Detailed Analytics
  • Maintain Great Deliverability
  • Create Mobile Responsive Templates

5. CRM

The CRM feature in Simvoly is enhanced with great sub tools. Which are:

  • Segmentation
  • User Profiles
  • Tags
  • Custom Properties
  • Import and Export
  • Memberships
  • Form Submits

6. Appointments 

The Appointment feature is used for:

  • Event Creation
  • Create your Appointment Operators
  • Scheduling one-On-one Meetings
  • Set Group Meetings
  • Calendar Connection
  • Auto-Assign
  • Schedule
  • Adding Buffers in between the Appointment
  • Custom Questions
  • Responsive Widgets
  • Tagging

Simvoly Pricing

Simvoly offers the following pricing plans (on a monthly basis)

Simvoly has the Website, Funnels & Email Marketing and Automation Plan, and White Label Plan.


The Website, Funnels & Email Marketing, and Automation Plan Pricing come in the following:

Personal: $12 monthly or $18 month-to-month. Comes with 100 subscribers and 1200 emails.

Business: $29 monthly or $36 month-to-month.

Growth: $59 monthly or $69 month-to-month. 

Comes with 500 subscribers and 6000 emails.

Pro: $149 monthly or $179 month-to-month. 

Comes with 1000 subscribers and 12000 emails.

The White Label Plan Pricing comes in the following:

WL Basic: $59 monthly or $69 month-to-month

This plan also comes with 2 Free Websites and 10 Free Funnels


WL Growth: $99 monthly or $129 month-to-month

This plan comes with an additional 4 Free Websites and 30 Free Funnels

WL Pro: $199 monthly or $249 month-to-month.

This plan also comes with 10 Free Websites and unlimited Free Funnels

Simvoly comes with a 14-days Free Trial.

Pros and Cons


  • Simvoly has integrations like Zapier and Active Campaign which are very easy to set up.
  • The white label option has very competitive pricing plans for other white label builders. This helps small operators to get a profitable sideline on non-WordPress sites.
  • Simvoly is great because of its willingness to help answer questions and for providing videos that help you and your clients.
  • It is a great way to build websites for clients and build custom sites. They also rinse and repeat so as to create them faster. 
  • Their A/B testing funnels are a great feature.
  • Simvoly is very easy to use. It comes with tutorials to learn from with great support. The software has everything you need to get started and most importantly have visitors into paying clients.
  • Simvoly lets you offer a professional landing page service to customers at a FRACTION of the cost.


  • There’s no proper changelog. 
  • There’s no feature to edit on a mobile phone and on an iPad. Which times don’t let you change the font on the mobile view.
  • Some of the widgets are not available across all the templates.

3. Leadpages

Leadpages, which is basically a landing page building tool is used  

by over 45,000 people. It allows anyone with no design skills to create landing pages from scratch, which includes a drag-and-drop builder and templates that make creating landing pages very easy.

All you have to do now is choose a template of your choice, add widgets, and personalize it to fit your needs and brand.

Leadpages is a website that allows you to collect email addresses. Leadpages’ main purpose is to help you expand your email list, and they offer a ton of beautiful templates for lead magnets, webinars, and landing pages. Leadpages also include templates for sales pages, making it an extremely versatile tool. I use it on a daily basis.

Key Features

Leadpages comes with amazing features such as:

1. Builder

  • 5 Free sub accounts
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Automatic Saving
  • Custom hidden form fields
  • Custom social media preview
  • Device-specific Preview
  • Digital file hosting and delivery 
  • Duplicate and Edit
  • Easy drag and drop interface
  • Fast page load speed
  • Image Library
  • Lead backup/CSV Download
  • Lead gen form builder
  • Lead Notification
  • Lead routing
  • Mobile Responsive pages
  • Online Sales & payment
  • Page grouping
  • Revert to last published version
  • SEO Friendly pages
  • Unlimited page publishing
  • Unlimited traffic and leads
  • Tracking and third-party Analytics
  • Widgets

2. Conversion Tools

  • Clear Campaign ROI
  • Exit intent pop-ups
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Real-time Optimization tips
  • Third-party analytics
  • Unlimited A/B split testing
  • Unlimited alert bars
  • Unlimited pop-ups

3. Design & Templates

  • Section templates
  • Shutterstock Premium Images
  • Built-in icon library
  • OpenTable embed widget
  • Countdown timers
  • Custom branding
  • Customizable templates
  • Design from a blank page
  • Global page style settings
  • HTML & Custom Code Editing
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Mobile-responsive templates
  • Calendly embed widget
  • Social share buttons
  • Device-specific display
  • Video embed widget
  • On-page section links

4. Education & Support

  • 1-on-1 Quick start call
  • Free Leadpages Virtual Workshops
  • Phone, chat, & email support
  • Knowledge base
  • Weekly group coaching
  • World-class tech support

5. Integrations

  • 40+ Standard integrations
  • Advanced integrations
  • Major email service integrations
  • Zapier integration

6. Publishing

  • Connect your domain(s)
  • Flexible publishing options
  • Free hosting
  • Simple WordPress plugin
  • Free Leadpages domain
  • Unlimited publishing to your domain or website

7. Site Builder

  • Drag-and-drop website builder
  • Website preview
  • Mobile-responsive menu
  • Drop-down menu
  • Drag-and-drop website menu
  • Integrated conversion tools
  • Website SEO
  • Website templates
  • Pre-built add-on pages
  • Built-in 404 page
  • Global website footer
  • Website style settings
  • Website publishing
  • Free Custom Domain

Leadpages Pricing

Leadpages have three pricing plans which are the Standard Plan,  Pro Plan, and the Advanced Plan.

Standard Plan: $49 paid monthly per month and $37 per month

paid annually 

Pro Plan: $99 per month,paid monthly and $74 per month paid annually

Advanced Plan: $399 per month, paid monthly and $299 per month paid annually.


Leadpages Pros and Cons


  • Leadpages allows you to create beautiful landing pages with an easy drag-and-drop page builder
  • Allows you to track performance metrics across all of your pages
  • Allows you to collect payments directly within the platform
  • Always working hard to improve their product.
  • With Leadpages, You can very quickly set up a conversion-tested landing page to gather leads.
  • The template marketplace has a great variety of ready-to-go landing and sales pages as well as pop-up boxes.
  • They have a lot of resources that teach
  • The ability to clone a landing page or lead box to modify and use for a different opt-in.
  • The analytics are a great resource.
  • The drag and drop templates have been an amazing addition to Leadpages.
  • The ability to customize many of the features.
  • Leadpage captures emails of potential clients that are looking for a particular product or offer you have.
  • Leadpages make direct sales for particular offers or products you offer.
  • Leadpages can even set up potential viewers for online podcasts, teaching classes, tutorials, and more.
  • Excellent customer support services.
  • Direct automation with Drip, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, and a ton of other apps through Zapier.


  • Leadpages Payment feature is newer, and could offer more options (such as split payments)
  • Inability to archive old, outdated pages to unclutter my dashboard
  • It can be a bit glitchy when moving around the various options. When you hover over one element and the slightest movement gets you somewhere else.
  • Leadpages and Leadboxes need to be more customizable, because the ability to use custom fonts would be wonderful.
  • Always refreshing the permissions because it sometimes disconnects from Infusionsoft.
  • It can be difficult to incorporate custom HTML & CSS.
  • It’s very difficult to incorporate custom fonts.
  • Leadpages are not super easy to learn especially for people that are not tech savvy.
  • Leadpages has a trial, but it should be double what they offer to allow for the learning curve of those that have limited time per day to learn it.
  • Leadpages don’t offer enough video tutorials.
  • Has not  built-in image editor 
  • Leadpages pricing could be a bit more aggressive for the Pro plan 

This Marketing tool helps you promote your business with an already done for you simple and easy-to-use drag-and-drop email marketing campaign builder.


BRANDOKIT is an online tool that gives you the opportunity to create a

website and build an online store for your business or your brand. This website is the most important marketing tool which happens to be the first interaction customers will have with your business.

BRANDOKIT allows you to design Funnels that will help you generate an average of 2.5-4 times more sales and leads for your campaigns.

This Marketing tool helps you promote your business with an already done for you simple and easy-to-use drag-and-drop email marketing campaign builder.

Key Features

Below are BRANDOKIT’s great features that allow you to achieve your goals.

1. Website Builder

BRANDOKIT allows you to modify your pages in minutes with our simple drag and drop solution.  Arrange elements and create margins like a pro with no code required!

With the Website Builder, you can:

  • Globally modify your design
  • Create A Unique Look Using Shape Dividers
  • Prebuilt Pages, Blocks, Funnels, And Popups
  • Optimize your website with Search Engine Optimization
  • Book & Schedule Appointments
  • Engage And Promote With Popups

2. Sales Funnel Builder

The Sales Funnel Builder comes with Lots of pre-built funnels focused on conversions and making the most of your traffic. More leads, higher sales rate.

Create Any Sales Funnel In Minutes

with these tools needed to turn your prospects into buyers.

  • Multiple Funnel Categories
  • Invite Admins and Connect a Domain To Each Funnel
  • A/B Split Test Your Funnels
  • Integrating With Your Favorite Apps
  • Analytics And Tracking
  • Sell More With Custom Checkouts
  • Increase Your Order Value with 1-Click Upsells
  • Give Your Customers Choices
  • Memberships + Recurring Payment

3. E-commerce

The eCommerce feature allows you to Sell Anything Online by allowing you to create Your Online Store or Website that syncs all the products across the web through multiple sales channels and your online store.

With Ecommerce you:

  • Can Create Your Online Store and Sell Anything!
  • Have everything You Need To Start Your Online eCommerce Store
  • Have Multiple Payment Processors
  • Member Profiles
  • Have a Fully Customizable  Checkouts
  • Have Shipping Rules
  • Have Tax Rules
  • Have Store Layouts
  • Have Product Variations
  • Have Recurring Payments
  • Have Discount Codes
  • Have Order Management
  • Have Variations
  • Have Advanced Filtering

4. CRM

With the Customer Relationship Management feature, allows you to Engage with Your Customers.

Below are the features of CRM

  • Segmentation
  • Tagging
  • Custom Properties
  • Detailed Profiles
  • Form Submit Management
  • Memberships

5. Membership

With the Membership feature, you can:

  • Sell Your Courses & Subscriptions
  • Sell A LOT More Of Your Memberships
  • Manage Your Subscriptions
  • Use Free CRM & Lead Manager
  • Upsell Other Products

6. Affiliate Program

With the BRANDOKIT AFFILIATE Feature you can become an affiliate and start referring customers to our platform and get up to a 25% recurring affiliate commission



BRANDOKIT offers the following pricing plans (on a monthly basis):

Mini: $12/month

Plus: $29/month

Growth: $39/month

Business: $59

There is also a thirty-day money-back guarantee so that you can try out the platform without any risk.



  • Optimized website and sales funnel designs
  • Not expensive at all compared to other platforms
  • Easy to use drag and drop functionality
  • Multiple payment processors to choose from.
  • Beautiful user interface with less clutter
  • High-quality landing pages, websites, and sales funnels
  • Sales and conversion reporting
  • Build your ideas quickly, no coding is required
  • Integrated CMS with tags
  • 99.9% Uptime


If you’re looking for the best landing pages for your next lead generation funnel, look no further! Systeme, Simvoly, Leadpages, and BRANDOKIT are all top-notch options that will help you convert leads into sales. Additionally, these platforms can also help you build your website, create online stores and automate your email marketing.

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