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Web data collection has become a must-have, not a nice-to-have. But how do you ensure accuracy of your data while collecting data on a massive scale? Bright Data makes data collection simple with no-code SaaS solutions for decision makers and businesses. They are the leading data collection platform, which enables you to collect data sets from millions of websites through their proprietary technology. With Bright Data, you can gain access to target sites to collect truthful, accurate, and reliable data without being served misleading information. Their services include: Proxy Infrastructure (self-service data collection with four distinct networks –  Datacenter, ISP, Residential and Mobile proxies); Data Collection (no-touch, zero infrastructure model); and Data Unblocking (accessing sophisticated sites and optimizing operations). 

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Proxy Infrastructure:

Comprised of four types of Proxies (Datacenter, ISP, Residential and Mobile), Bright Data features an immense network of IP addresses, with over 75 million Residential IPs, that are unique and located in every country, state, and city in the world. Each type of proxy is unique and is suitable for specific tasks, with use cases ranging from digital advertising, to the Data as a Service industry (Market research, sales intelligence, people data), finance, intellectual property/brand protection, to Marketing (account management – social networks), products releases (tickets, sneakers, etc), testing and retail (eCommerce, retail frontend and backend, etc). 


Datasets – Ready-to-use and qualified datasets, no-code required

Bright Data offers pre-collected datasets for large-scale snapshots of entire websites that update regularly. With datasets you can identify and analyze trends, find companies, people, and social media influencers, optimize your eCommerce activity, or obtain data for your machine learning algorithms.

Data Collector – Collect any web data with no-code SaaS automation

Bright Data’s Data Collector platform gives businesses the power to automatically collect all types of public online data on a mass scale. Enabling businesses to gain access to the structured data sets they need, at the click of a button while heavily reducing in-house expenses including developing and system maintenance. Streamline and automate your data collection with zero infrastructure or coding, with premade solutions that are scalable and customizable.


Web Unlocker – Automated website unlocking with 100% success rate

The first automated website unlocking tool to unlock any target site with 100% success rates. Send one request with this powerful unlocking technology, and you’ll get the most accurate data available. Unlocker manages the browser fingerprints, cookies, IP priming while automatically selecting the best peer IP for your target site. No technical experience required. Just send one request with this powerful unlocking technology, and you’ll get the most accurate data available.

Thanks to a recent upgrade, Web Unlocker now offers better auto-unblocking capabilities, as well as increased CAPTCHA-recognition and solving, and improved fingerprinting.


Bright Data tools collect the data you need & allow you to focus on your core business. No hassle.

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