Make your life easier with Shift – the best productivity app!

      Shift is a desktop app for productive people. Once you have this downloaded you can enter all of your emails. All of the features for this can be found in one place.  You can easily switch between your work and your personal profiles without having to log in and out of the account. You can even open them up in your browser.

         Shift 2.0 Review

               Additional Extensions and more accounts

               Shift will allow you to remove the clutter from your desktop. Contact them today for a free trial. You will begin with a tour of what Shift has to offer you.  Shift is downloaded onto the desktop and you will need to create an account. This is one of the most important accounts you can create. It is easy to open up and find any gadget. Once this is set up you can add all of your email accounts in one place. You can also add Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Hubspot, and other accounts. You will not have to log in and out of them again.

               There are other sites that you can link to. They include Zoom, Boomerang, Grammarly, Dropbox, and many other accounts that you can use for work or personal purposes.

               You can select a dark or a mild theme. There are many to choose from so you can look for the one that will help increase your productivity. To get the full benefits of Shift you need to enter all of your email addresses. To do this click the plus at the bottom left bar and you will be able to go in and out of emails by clicking this. You can even use this to drop and drag accounts to put them in a specific order.

               There are some other features that you can use on Shift. You can access your calendar, Google Drive, and other things. There is a hand nook that will allow you to have additional features. You can turn on this like Contacts, slides, Analytics, and Adwords. There is a bell on the left where you can turn on and off notifications.  You will also be able to access all of your accounts including your social media sites. You can even add your Chrome extensions with this program.

               Streaming all of your personal and work things will allow you to get things done and do it effortlessly. You can type in key phrases that will help you find emails, docs, and other information in any of your accounts. You can even find items on web browsing apps.

               This will allow you to have a custom workstation and it takes a matter of seconds to set up. You can even get in private mode if this works best for you.

               You can be the boss with Shift.

               Are you ready to give Shift a try? Go to and you will instantly see how this program can make you more productive and make things easier on you.  



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