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Impact – Partnership Management Platform to Automate Partnerships – Clever!

Impact.Com Partnership Marketing – Done Properly for $30 a Month 🙂

Use’s partnership management platform to automate any type of partnership and increase your revenue.

Looking to take your eCommerce business to the next level? With Starter Edition by, you can now easily and quickly connect your commerce platform and launch successful partnerships with affiliates. provides all the resources you need ranging from guidance on finding the right partners, setting up reliable commission tracking capabilities, and putting in the right programs strategies for long term loyalty — all of which can be done in no time! With tools like these at your disposal, it’s never been easier to broaden your customer base and drive more sales than ever before.’s Starter Edition provides eCommerce merchants with the tools and resources they need to grow affiliate partnerships.
Create and launch your partnership program quickly, and pay as you go.
Automated partner matching can help you kickstart your affiliate program.
Track partners across devices and analyze performance.
Use Impact.Com To Expand Your Audience And Increase Revenues
use impact to expand your audience

Using’s Starter Edition, eCommerce merchants can quickly set up and launch their affiliate partnerships program while they pay as they grow. provides the essential tools and resources necessary to expand the reach of a merchant’s audience and increase sales revenues.

Whether you have a small store or are looking for enterprise features, commissions, or reports, has something for everyone — making it easier than ever to foster lasting relationships with affiliates and extend your brand presence through strategic alliances.

Impact.Com Comes With Cutting-Edge Features

impact cutting edge features

Using top-notch features, connect your online store and begin your partnerships program:

  • automated partner matchmaking
  • track partners across devices and analyze performance
  • smart, electronic contracts can be used to automate payouts
  • workflow automation and proactive messaging

More Great Features Available!

impact more great features available
  • Deepen your grasp of the added value your collaborations provide.
  • Make tracked promo codes available.
  • Defend your program from fraud by only allocating funds to trustworthy partners.
  • Provide affiliates the tools they need to market your brand
  • You can email or use live chat for assistance

Get Now For Just $30/mo

Trusted By Thousands Everyday To Reach Their Goals

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