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Nowadays, you can promote your content and brand on so many different apps and sites. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to display everything in one place. But, now you can with Shorby, a micro landing page with rich links to your best content. The best alternative for Linktree.  Check these benefits of Shor that will convince you to switch once and for all.

Shorby Rich Link Blocks


  • Customize stunning buttons that will draw everyone’s attention

           Add images, GIFs, choose the way a button will look, or let Shor system recognize the title and picture from the link you put.


  • Set up your WhatsApp or Messenger  – Shor user proved that having a contact button doubles engagement. Shor allows you to add messengers on the top of your page, and turn visitors into real customers.
  • Cover the links you create with the custom domain – Not only can you edit a link’s alias to mention your brand name there, but you can also replace the entire address with your own domain.
  • Embed a feed from your blog or Youtube channel – Just add a link, and Shor will do the rest; each new blog post will automatically appear on your page and invite visitors to check your recent update.

  • Shor design tools give you an opportunity to get the most from your creativity – You can choose buttons and background colors, add your own, and let your brand shine even brighter.
  • Earn more than you paid for your subscription– The option to participate in the rewarding program is built into each page. You can earn from every customer you led by doing nothing. Also, you get $30 credits to start from right after the signup.
  • Pro subscription on Shor includes more options than the Linktree one – Shor PRO account costs $29/month and includes 50 pages to create and manage. You will need to pay the same price only for 5 Linktree pages.
  • Utilize Shor for multiple occasions far beyond a link for Instagram or Tiktok bio– Popular case to use Shor; Build pages for giveaways, collect the books you need in pdf files, share your fitness routine, or sell goods right from a page.
  • Options to apply Shor features are limitless, get the most from your subscription– You can share the most recent news, sell products, drive traffic to a particular place, build professional pages for your clients, and more.


At present, 25M business accounts are utilizing Shorby to drive web traffic. Shorby has influencers, blog owners, musicians, small businesses.  Start-ups and also local businesses intend to promptly get in touch with clients as well as Shorby makes this occur by permitting you to add several carriers each time to your profile. Services likewise intend to maintain clients involved as well as delighted.

   Shorby lets you do this with editable headlines, price cuts, flash bargains, and more!

Supercharge your Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube Biography. Drive to numerous web links as well as messengers, highlight your magnificent item and videos.

If you want to learn more about Shorby or looking for more alternative solutions, email us at  , and we’ll be more than happy to find the right solution for your business.

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