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Employee engagement and growth. While these two words may sound unrelated to each other, it is fascinating how one has an impact on the other. 

A meta-analysis by Gallup revealed that businesses with a highly engaged workforce were 21% more profitable than the others. Even more importantly, such organizations fared well regarding productivity – a 17% improvement in employee productivity. 

Now that we know the ‘why’ behind the connection between employee engagement and growth, let’s explore how to ease the process. While employee feedback has existed forever, most organizations have not given the process its importance. 

A lack of an efficient feedback collection system and a non-recurring process have come in the way of employee happiness and motivation, leading to unusual phenomena such as the Great Resignation. 

So what can you as a business do to ensure employee well-being and prevent them from taking the hard step?

Introducing you to one major step – 360-degree assessments

A 360-degree feedback software helps you implement an effective and anonymous employee performance evaluation, driving productivity and growth. 360 evaluations involve feedback collection about an employee (here, subject) from peers, subordinates, and superiors on various criteria such as leadership, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and more. 

Finding the right tool to conduct employee assessments is crucial for organizations to improve their revenue. Let’s help you with one such tool, which takes an omnidirectional approach to employee assessments and reviews.


Meet SurveySparrow – A comprehensive 360 assessment tool to make evaluations easier

SurveySparrow as a 360 evaluation tool combines the power of engaging surveys, automations, reports, and more to provide organizations with the right resources to pump employee productivity. Now we’ll slice and dice the features that make up the platform.

  • Engaging and anonymous assessments

If conversational, engaging, and highly customizable 360 forms are what you need, then SurveySparrow is the right choice. 

You can create customized anonymous surveys for your team or department using the several question types and sections. Other features available include email customizations, white labeling, and multichannel sharing capabilities.

  • Insightful 360 reports

With customizable reports in place, you get to add multiple filters like evaluation completed, partially evaluated, report pending, report ready, etc. 

Customization options including brand logo, fonts, colors are available for the reports and evaluation emails. The 360 reports allow managers to add personalized comments for each employee. 

  • Dedicated employee portal

Managers and admins can track every task and activity concerning employee performance using the employee portal. Each employee gets a portal, and both the open and closed tasks of the employee can be monitored through the dedicated portal.

  • Inbuilt automations

SurveySparrow’s automations lets you schedule the survey sharing beforehand. Whether you want to send out the 360 forms bi-annually or quarterly, it’s up to you. The ability to add reminders and cut-off dates is available on the platform.

  • Exclusive dashboards

Managers and admins have access to exclusive dashboards that help them view their team’s performance. Widgets such as Bell Curve and Stacked Chart are available in these dashboards, facilitating easy analysis.


An omnidirectional way of looking at evaluations

Online survey tools such as SurveySparrow makes performance evaluations and reviews easier, transparent, unbiased, and balanced. Organizations wanting to improve employee experience, engagement and productivity can reap the best from this software. 



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