SMB and freelancer productivity suites

    Are you looking to achieve all your work in one place? is a tool that will help you do that effortlessly, whether you are an advisor, contractor, freelancer, or a small organization in need of keeping track of work across various in-house and client-related projects. is a well-known cloud-based productivity suite, which enables freelancers and SMBs to manage their tasks, record, and help them communicate with their clients in a single platform. platform strives to deliver an accessible project and client management solution by combining time tracking and billing, personalized workspaces, e-mail integration, and collaboration tools. uses an intuitive user interface, which helps users see the activities in real-time, making project management effective. The control panel allows users to organize individual, client, and teamwork using time tracking and reporting technology and task management. Additionally, gives users the ability to allocate various tasks, attach files, and help them create checklists conveniently. features such as CRM enable the users to keep track of their customers’ contacts. The tasks feature tracks every activity the team is doing. All in-house projects, personal and client tasks are managed in one place. Time tracker is another feature that tracks time using a simple, intuitive tool. The time billing feature sets billing rates for staff and projects. The feature helps users’ select billable time, raises a detailed invoice report, and provides clients with a detailed time report. Every workspace has its e-mail address. The e-mail tasks in feature manage the workspace. Clients and users’ send e-mails directly to, including attachments. has other features that are designed to boost efficacy. These features include file drag and drop and task bookmarking, which allow users to mark follow-up tasks easily. Custom labels feature is used to sort tasks logically. Additionally, will enable users to flag jobs, snooze tasks, and keep track of tasks directly and help them prioritize work.

   While is a great task manager, it allows its users to commend other team players’ hard work, provide valued compliments, and receive positive feedback. gives its users access to controls, giving real-time information and e-mail integration functionality. Users and clients can send e-mails with tasks directly into with the help of e-mail integration. is dedicated to strengthening client communication by automatically centralizing and classifying e-mail tasks with a preset routing. Since is a cloud-based system, it gives users the flexibility to easily see tasks, even from mobile devices and from the desktop. pricing


Starting from: $9.00/month

Pricing model: Free, Subscription

Free Trial: Available offers three pricing tiers:

 Solo free: $0 for freelancers for one staff user, 1Gb file storage.

 Business time: $9 per user/month for all Team Premium features plus time billing. (Capped at $99/month)

All workspaces start with a 14-day trial period with all features enabled and unlimited users.

 Never pay for more than 11 users. cap the price on all plans based on 11 seats. Once you get to 11 seats, you can add as many as you like and never pay more.

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