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Omnisend is an email and SMS marketing automation platform that is built specifically with ecommerce businesses in mind. All of the many features found within Omnisend’s comprehensive platform—like the automation builder, email editor, pop ups, segmentation, channels like SMS and push notifications—are all aimed at helping online shops sell more, and get to know their customers better in the process.

And that’s particularly important, since a lot of online shops are not just run by multi-person teams that can dedicate adequate time for their marketing. In fact, many ecommerce businesses are a one-man/one-woman show, and they are aiming at getting results as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

And that’s where Omnisend comes in: advanced enough for the bigger stores, but easy and intuitive enough for single-person businesses who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

Let’s break down Omnisend’s platform piece-by-piece.


Building and sending emails

By far the most important aspect of an email marketing platform is the ability to quickly create great-looking emails. And Omnisend really shines at that, especially with its constantly improving email builder.

It has an intuitive interface that lets you build your emails using the easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. Of course, you can do this all from scratch if you want to ensure your emails are exactly the way you imagined them. But there’s also the option to use one of the many pre-built email templates that you can quickly adapt to your email campaigns. 

You can then send out these emails immediately, at a scheduled time, or based on your recipient’s time zone.


Using high-converting automation

Some of the best results from email marketing comes from automated emails that go out whenever your customers or subscribers perform a specific action. For example, Omnisend customers using a standard Welcome email automated series see 27x more orders than regular one-off campaigns.

When they use the Cart Abandonment automated series of emails—emails that are automatically sent out when a customer abandons their cart while shopping—they see an impressive 23x order rate compared to regular campaign emails. 

Even better, you can add multiple channels to your automation workflows, such as SMS and push notifications. So instead of your subscribers receiving just a birthday email (another successful automated email), they can receive an SMS congratulating them on their birthday and hinting at a surprise in their inbox. Then, in their inbox they’ll get a n email containing a wonderful prize from you—like a great discount, free shipping, or even a free product.


Segmentation for super-targeting

Did you know that sending a mass email to all your subscribers isn’t the best strategy? You will have low open rates, a low amount of clicks, and much lower sales. Different people like to be talked to in different ways, and that’s where segmentation comes in: it lets you split up your audience into logical groupings.

Omnisend has really flexible segmentation, so you can split your audience based on demographics, like where they live, their age, etc., or—even better—based on their behavior.  If they buy regularly, you can send them a different email than if they buy very rarely—or have never bought at all.


Email capture

For all its email & SMS marketing capabilities, we shouldn’t underplay the many options Omnisend has for capturing subscribers. This includes things like exit-intent popups (which only shows up when visitors are about to leave your store), back-in-stock notifications, interactive signup forms, and much more. 

These allow you to capture more of the visitors that come to your website and turn them into subscribers. Once they’re subscribers, you can use the segmentation and automation features to get your subscribers to buy from you for the first time, then again and again.

Omnisend is a full-funnel email & SMS marketing platform that will allow you to not only build beautiful emails and other campaigns, but also sell more at every step.


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